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About Blydell Martin

Blydell MartinGrowing up, Blydell Martin would put on some gloves and fight with the neighborhood kids with visions of Mike Tyson dancing in his head. So at age fifteen, he went to a gym and he’s been there ever since, almost. Soon after starting boxing, Blydell took some time off, ballooning to almost 300 pounds. But with determination, he dropped the pounds and won some rounds.

When Blydell went back to the gym, he not only boxed, but studied fitness, reading books and working with personal trainers to learn how to transform his body. The pounds just dropped off and he started competing. He was the Golden Gloves champion in 2001, a Golden Gloves finalist in 2004 and he won the Missouri State Heavyweight championship in 2002, plus approximately 10 tournament fights along the way. But his biggest win was for his health.

“Over the years, I’ve learned so much about overall fitness—how to lose or gain weight, develop different muscles and I love to share that with other people,” explains Blydell. “Working out becomes part of your lifestyle, and you start to thirst for it.”

And if you ask Blydell what his favorite part about being a trainer is, he’ll tell you, it’s helping people reach their goals. Whether it’s to lose weight or learn how to throw a punch, Blydell is ready to show you during his boxing power hour classes or as your personal trainer. With Blydell at your side encouraging you every step and punch of the way, you’ll soon develop a thirst for a healthy, fit body and lifestyle, too.

Blydell Martin currently serves as a boxing trainer at TITLE Boxing Club in Overland Park, KS.